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Howdy out there in Tikka Land! The little elves at Mountain Tactical (actually Jason and I) have been working hard to come up with new products for the enjoyment of our loyal customers. The next product on the horizon, which has been requested by a fair amount of you, is a pillar bedding kit. We have spent a lot of time and thought coming up with a pillar kit that is not just a “me too” kit like everyone else has. You know that at MT we like to get things right the first time. Our pillar bedding kit will not be just a couple of tubes with some screws and glue. We have machined the pillar tubes to match the exact radius of the bottom of the receiver, which is curved. This was done to: A) make a perfect match up of the pillar to the action, and B) not allow a flat pillar to get deformed by the curved action bottom, which would change tolerances over time and defeat the reason for pillar bedding in the first place!   

The kit will come with instructions and glue, and since we want you to get it right the first time, you will get our specially designed installation screws. These screws allow you to get the pillars tightened up correctly against the radius of the receiver, and hold them there while you install them into the stock. When the glue has hardened, you just unscrew the mounting screws, throw them out, and install our torx head stainless steel action screws to the correct torque, and you are pillar bedded!

Who loves you, baby!