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Author Topic: Cow tag punched  (Read 3834 times)


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Cow tag punched
« on: November 11, 2014, 10:59:33 PM »

I'm not gonna lie- this has been a tough year to get time for hunting. We're crazy busy at the Tikka Performance Center, and I'm doing my best to make sure my kids don't forget who I am.

Thankfully, a decade or two of hunting in the local mountain ranges has given me a good sense of where I should be able to find elk. All that is normally required is about 20 miles on foot, 5k of elevation, and a little luck.

My T3 lite 300 WSM has been a project from the start. It showed great potential, but was hard on scopes, stocks, and shooters. Its latest setup seems to be worth leaving alone for awhile. It's wearing one of our gunsmith's basic timed brake, a thumbhole tactical stock, 20 moa elite rail, of course it has our lug & shroud, too. I found a screaming deal on the Leica 3.5-14 on it this year (crazy good glass), and it tolerates the recoil quite well. I'm running 208 amax's at around 2900 fps, and grouping around half moa.

It certainly did the job on this cow at 415 yards last Saturday. I want to thank our company pres for the packing assist. It would have been truly torturous without his help. She was a good 4 miles & 3k of vert away from the truck.
Robert Patterson
Operations Manager
Mountain Tactical, home of Tikka Performance Center