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Author Topic: Seized 595 firing pin assembly  (Read 326 times)

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Seized 595 firing pin assembly
« on: August 15, 2018, 11:25:42 AM »

Hi I'm new to the forum and I have a Tikka 595 Continental varmint in .223 that has suddenly had the firing pin assembly become locked up/seized in the bolt. This happened while shooting my tried and proven medium pressure reloads that I have been shooting out of it for years. Once in a while I have a few instances when these loads make the bolt a little bit stiffer than factory ammo to close ( but never stiff to open after the shot) but they always shoot very well and I've never had an issue.

   When I tried to disassemble the bolt using the standard process, I found that the cylindrical guide portion that the pin slides thru and also has the flat on it to locate the bolt handle is now seized in the bolt bore and will not rotate or slide in or out. I have no idea why this has happened and have no way of getting this assembly to become dislodged.

Any advice as to why this has happened and help on how to remedy it would be greatly appreciated.

There are no signs of pressure with any of these loads and they have all been full length sized and trimmed.




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Re: Seized 595 firing pin assembly
« Reply #1 on: December 06, 2018, 01:21:10 PM »

Don't know if this going to be of any help but years ago I had that same problem with a AR180. I took the gun to the original armalite In Costa Mesa Ca., Eugene Stoner was there and worked on the gun himself. Before he even took the gun apart he asked what ammo we had been shooting. I don't remember the brand but what he told me and turned out to be correct was that some primers were made of softer metal than others and when fired the firing pin hole would punch out a small piece which would blow back into the bolt and jam the firing pin. Sure enough he took  it apart and the was a small round piece of brass the size of the firing pin hole wedged between the firing and the inside of the bolt.


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Re: Seized 595 firing pin assembly
« Reply #2 on: December 28, 2018, 10:22:39 PM »

If there is no debris in the bolt, it may be the spring.  Curiously a weak mainspring can lead to blown primers which leave metal bits in the bolt which can interfere with the function.  This happened to me with a ruger m77. A new main spring solved the problem .  There was no way to diagnose the problem based on cartridge analysis since the primers looked ok.
All that said, giving the firearm to a good Smith is the best option.
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