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 on: February 01, 2020, 03:25:39 AM 
Started by laker220 - Last post by Larkin
I have a Spuhr mount on one of my rifles ( not a Tikka ) on the rest I have tier 1 there both top of the line , if I had the £/$ and was buying again Iíd go Spuhr , donít get me wrong tier 1 are excellent and the reason why I started with them is because I live 3 miles from there factory and can get them discounted lol  , Iíve switched to Spuhr because they did a cantilever mount and tier 1 at the time didnít and Spuhr overall has more variations

 on: January 31, 2020, 06:37:37 PM 
Started by laker220 - Last post by laker220
Looking for feedback on the Spuhr Unimount.


Was thinking of putting one on my T3X but have not been able to find any decent writeups or info from the net on the Tikka specific application.

Thoughts and opinions are welcome.

 on: January 28, 2020, 07:58:58 AM 
Started by ericbc7 - Last post by Dog Down!
I warn you now....you will fall in love with the 6.5 Creed and 140grn pills! Congrats.

Then you will be tempted by the hotter sister...the the 6.5 PRC...my word, thats a sexy round! lol...

 on: January 28, 2020, 07:54:13 AM 
Started by ericbc7 - Last post by Dog Down!
The 7mm Practical is a cool cartridge but a lot as changed in the gun world over the last 10 years since Nathan started playing with the cartridge...not sure I would go this route today with a 7mm build if i was looking for the ultimate performer but a cool cartridge for sure.  I'm guessing the platform you have to start is influencing your direction.  But if starting from nothing I'd look at other options.

Looking forward to seeing what you build!

 on: January 27, 2020, 09:22:47 PM 
Started by ericbc7 - Last post by ericbc7
The 7mm practical is what I plan to rechamber this when mountain tac gets their long bottom metal on line.

 on: January 27, 2020, 09:12:40 PM 
Started by ericbc7 - Last post by ericbc7
I know I was waiting to get a 300 WM
But after hearing from dogtown I was not as keen on the round even though I am still liking the old reliable.  My main reason for shifting my priority was a recent sale on T3xís on an online vendor for $499.  I could not pass that up and I had a Savage creedmoore that I didnít like since I had so much stuff for Tikkas.  And I didnít want to pay for a tac a-1
So I got a stainless T3x for $530 or so with shipping and transfer and plan to have it threaded for my suppressor ASAP.
I won a free trigger spring from mountain tac when I ordered the pic rail so Iím super happy!
I also took advantage of Berrettaís sale on vertical grip and it is very useful.
I see this as my primary deer gun next year.
Good shooting folks

 on: January 27, 2020, 09:02:43 PM 
Started by bonehead - Last post by ericbc7
I hear that!

 on: January 27, 2020, 12:56:34 PM 
Started by bonehead - Last post by bonehead
Shot my new to me Tikka 308 compact with regular stock I fitted to it and WOW it too is a tack driver. I am blowed away by this Tikkas . :)

 on: January 25, 2020, 10:20:01 AM 
Started by 37L1 - Last post by 37L1
Anyone know if a T3 barrel will fit a 695 action?  Talking about 30-06 family (long action).

 on: January 21, 2020, 07:26:21 AM 
Started by laker220 - Last post by Dog Down!
One thing to add...if you do this...in my experience, you want the pillars slightly shorter then spec for pillar bedding. If not sometimes the action will only be in contact with the pillars sometimes suspended off the inletting and not setting uniformly.

Take a few thousands off the pillars to have some controlled compression of the stock when the action is settled and torqued to spec for proper contact at the recoil and tang areas.
You want the action to contact the stock and have some compression the same as without pillars.

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